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Sel has been playing the fiddle ever since Mr Harris taught him to pizzicato... His beautiful fiddle is 110 years old and is called Alberta. Why? Well, it was made by Jean Baptiste Colin - and there used to be a shampoo called Alberto Balsam by Baptiste and you can't really call a violin Balsam, can you? Sel plays with various Welsh bands (that's Taplaswyr, not the Welsh Guards) and met Bryn Terfel before he was famous. That's before Bryn Terfel was famous, not our Sel. He'll play with anybody that asks, though he says if you're blonde, blue eyed and shapely it helps! He was once in a film (wearing a mask, so you're forgiven if you didn't spot him) and has appeared in the Welsh version of Coronation Street, called Pobol y Cwm. Best claim to fame? He once ate chocolate cake with Diana Rigg... and still dines out on the story!

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Guy plays melodeon, guitar, melodeon, harmonica, melodeon, mandola and melodeon. You've guessed it - he's got 4 melodeons (at the last count) and simply can't pass a music shop without just having a look... He's been on the radio three times - talking about his joint passions of pottery, cricket and music and he's played at the Eisteddfodd, but didn't really understand it because he doesn't speak Welsh. Guy has played on the Welsh Arts programme and appeared on Grampian TV, although you'd be forgiven for not recognising him - he had hair in those days! He's been playing melodeon since the band voted that he'd be their new melodeon player (the vote was 4-1, and Guy was the '1') and he also plays for the dance side Clocs Canton. He hasn't yet mastered the art of playing and dancing at the same time - we're working on it! He once impressed Billy Connolly with his Pete Townshend impersonation at a folk club, and has a black labrador renowned for singing along to the melodeon.

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Imogen did her music degree at Dartington College of Arts in Devon, and we're sure they will be thrilled to learn that her idea of a really good night is to play the flute dressed as a bumble bee - this girl should get out more! Imogen still has the outfit from working for Cardiff in Bloom and, rather worryingly, she has also previously dressed up as a horse. Imogen's proud dad once told The Bumblebees group that not only was his daughter proficient enough on the flute to join them - but that she had the right outfit too. Sadly this means Imo can no longer go to their concerts. And here's a spooky thing - Imogen's dad (yes, the embarrassing one) used to play cricket in the same team as Guy!

We met Roger when he was booked to play at a festival in Spain with Sel, Imo and Guy - we enjoyed playing with him so much he's still with us! He keeps his past well hidden, which is probably very sensible, but we suspect a lot... He says he's been a rocker all his life, and the Bon Jovi poster on his bedroom wall tends to bear this out. He's come late to folk music but got the hang of it quickly once he realised beer was involved. He has a Harley, and leathers to go with it. Roger plays bodhran and flute (not at the same time, but we're working on it) and gets out his Big Drum Kit for larger gigs!

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Multitalented Huw is our International Welsh Man of Mystery. He doesn’t say much about himself but we know he plays stonkingly good guitar and is also proficient on the harp. Huw is a champion clog dancer and clog dance teacher amongst many other talents we haven’t yet discovered. He composes songs and music - he actually wrote one of the tunes the band plays but it was so long ago, when we played it back to him he had forgotten what the chords were... This isn’t really a pic of Huw - he’s not even a cat. Guy is working on a cartoon - watch this space!

We use a variety of callers based in and around South Wales - they’re all hugely experienced and individually unique! Each of them has called locally, across the UK and also performed internationally - they’re a talented bunch! They will fit the dances to your occasion - whether you know what you’re doing or have drunk a little too much too concentrate... When you’re planning what you want remember you can have a mix of dances or we can do something specialist like all Scottish, all Welsh or all Irish - or anything else you fancy! Each caller brings their individual style to the ceilidh - we work seamlessly together to make sure the floor is full of dancers and your event goes with a real swing... 

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Sel and Guy play with Roger in another band, which also includes Huw... Imogen gigs with a variety of other bands who perform for concerts as well as ceilidhs... Guy and Sel also play for dance sides, as does Roger and sometimes Imo joins in... Huw composes and records his own material. Roger plays in a rock ‘n’ roll covers band, and Sel and Guy can be hired to play nice romantic music for wedding receptions.... In fact all the band take any and every opportunity to play - and they get asked by a lot of people! These are musicians who love playing - whatever the occasion! 

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